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You own every trainer you meet! :)

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Q: What do you do after catching Rayquaza in heart gold?
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Is there such thing as a cheese orb Pokemon HeartGold?

No, there is no such thing as a 'Cheese Orb'. However, there are three orbs: the Red Orb (for catching Groudon in Soul Silver), the Blue Orb (for catching Kyogre in Heart Gold), and the Green Orb (for catching Rayquaza in both games).

What is the best Pokemon in level 100 in heart gold?


Where can you find Rayquaza on pokemon diamond?

you can not get rayquaza in dimond, pearl, platinum, black, and wite. you can get it in gold, silver, heart gold, soulsilver and emereld

How many Pokemon are at embedded tower?

2 heart gold- kyogre and rayquaza soul silver- groudon and rayquaza

What do you do after catching Rayquaza?

you continue catching the legendaries if you haven't already got them.

Where to get Rayquaza in Pokemon black version?

You have to get it from Pokemon soul sliver or heart gold or trade.

Do you need both red and blue orbs or to catch Rayquaza?

No, To get Rayquaza in Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, Catch Groudon in Soul Silver, Catch Kyogre in Heart Gold, Trade Groudon to Heart Gold or Trade Kyogre to Soul Silver, Visit to Prof Oak's Lab in Pallet Town with Groudon and Kyogre in your party pokemon, get the Jade Orb and go to Embedded Tower to get Rayquaza

How do you get Rayquaza at the embedded tower?

if you want to get rayquaza get kyorge from heart gold through trade or get growdon from soul-silver, then go to profeser.oak and he will give you the jade orb then go to embedded tower and rayquaza is there

In Pokemon SoulSilver where is Rayquaza?

You have to get both Soul Silver and Heart Gold for Rayquaza to appear. In Soul Silver you catch Groudon in Heart Gold you catch Kyogre. Then you have to put them both in one game and go talk to Prof. Oak. Then he will tell you about Rayquaza and give you a jade orb and finally you get to catch him. He is Lv.50. have fun! :)

Where do you get rayqauza in diamond pearl or platnium?

you cant get it in sinnoh you can only get it in Pokemon emerald version, or if you have kyogre in heart gold trade it to soulsilver and you will encounter a rayquaza i don't know where but it will be at level 50 i think. Or you can trade groudon from soulsilver to heart gold and encounter rayquaza

Can you get rayquaza in pokemon?

U get rayquaza in pokemon emerald/ruby/sapphire/heart gold/soul silver/pal park/black and white...can be got in others by trading!!

How do you find Groudon in heart gold?

Groudon isn't in HeartGold, it is in SoulSilver. Kyogre is in HeartGold as well as Rayquaza.