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Scyther and Pinsir are the best that you can find in the bug catching contest. Well i don't know if you can find a heracross or not......

sorry if i mistype the pokemon's name

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Q: What the best Pokemon in the bug catching contest in heart gold?
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How do you win the bug catching contest in pokemon heartgold?

In heart gold, you win the bug catching contest by catching the best bug type Pokemon. The score of the Pokemon you catch is based upon both it's stats and the amount of Hit Points it has left when you catch it.

In SoulSilver where do you find a venonat?

Go in the bug catching contest in national park and by the entrance to the park on Tuesday talk to the door man and go the contest and you can only have the last one you catch and if you catch the Pokemon with the best health you win

How do you get a green Scizor in heartgold?

National park, best chance in the bug catching contest.

How does nincada evelolve in HeartGold?

by fighting wild Pokemon and getting in battles, the easyest way is to have a EXP SHARE on your nicada and fight the elite four with your best Pokemon

What are the best Pokemon for catching uxie?

A dark than fighting.

What are the best balls for catching psychic Pokemon?

a luxry ball

What is the best Pokemon you can catch at the bug catching competion?

Schyter or Pinsir.

What Pokemon with what moves and which nature are the best in a Tough Contest in Pokemon Pearl?

bastodien evolition of shildon

How do you win a sunny stole in Pokemon soul silver?

Please tell me you mean Sun Stone. PLEASE. You have to enter the bug catching contest in the National Park near Goldenrod and get 1st place. The Pokemon that give you the best chance at winning are Beedrill, Butterfree, Pinsir, and Scyther.

Who is the best Pokemon you can have in master rank cool contest in Pokemon Diamond?

It really just depends on the Pokemon and its stats/moves :)

What status affect is best for catching wild Pokemon?

Paralyze, Sleep or Freeze.

Best contest Pokemon?

There isn't one. The best is if you've perfected the dancing, got a perfect dress up and your Pokemon is the right type.