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Net Balls are highly recommended, since they have a high catch rate on Bug or Water Types. I caught mine with a Heal Ball, though I was extremely lucky since Balls with a 1.0 cath rate have a 0.5 catch rate if used against legendaries...

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Q: What ball do you use to catch Suicune in Soul Silver?
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What is the best ball to use to catch Suicune in Pokemon soul silver?

net ball, fast ball

Best Ball to catch Suicune soul silver?

I would have a friend send you a suicune, you then send it back, now the best ball would be a repeat ball. well... the BEST ball would be a master ball of course, but... meh.

What poke ball do you use to catch Suicune on soul silver?

It dosn't matter but i would use a ultra ball or net ball. If its in a cave use the dusk ball and also make sure its hp is red :) hope it helps

What ball is used to catch anti soul silver?

faST ball

What is the best poke ball to catch Rayquaza with in soul silver?

master ball

On Pokemon soul silver what ball do you need to catch auntycono?

the best type of ball to catch all legendaries is the ultra ball

How do you catch sprite tomb on Pokemon soul silver?

with a poke' ball

What Pokemon have you to catch with master ball in Pokemon soul silver?


Can you catch Mewtwo with a ultra ball on soul silver?

yes, you can cause i did

How do you catch a makuhita in Pokemon Soul Silver?

you get a poke ball and use it ._.

How do you catch without fail on soul silver?

You use a master ball

How do you catch legendary Pokemon in soul silver?

Use A Master Ball Or Ultra Ball To Catch. But I Think It is Hard To Find Master Ball...:/