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by throwing it

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Q: How do you catch Suicune with a poke ball?
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What poke ball do you use to catch Suicune?

a heal ball after slim health

What poke ball do you catch suicuine with?

There is no specific ball you have to catch Suicune with. Other wise use ultra balls after weaking it and inflicting a non-damiging status effect such as paralysis.

What is the best poke ball to use to catch Suicune?

I used net and ultra balls, but fast balls might work too.

What kind of poke-ball do you need to catch Suicune?

You can really use anything. I, personally, lowered its HP and put it to sleep, then caught it with a couple of Ultra Balls.

What poke ball do you use to catch Suicune on soul silver?

It dosn't matter but i would use a ultra ball or net ball. If its in a cave use the dusk ball and also make sure its hp is red :) hope it helps

What do you use to catch Suicune?

You can catch Suicune using any type of pokeball. The best odds of catching it come with the ultra ball. If you use a master ball, it is a certain catch. Any other ball has less odds.

What is the best poke ball to catch Suicune with?

Ultra Balls are best, but you can catch with a Great Ball or Fast Ball (apricorn ball). I also suggest putting it to sleep than using a Friend Ball (Green Apricorn). This is how I caught Ho-oh and Suicune so I can save my master ball for later!

Is there an easier way to catch Suicune in Pokemon fire red?

Use a Master ball on Suicune but there is an easier way get Suicune. Catch a Pokemon who has the ability of spell tag.

How do you catch any Pokemon in the wild?

you catch it with a poke ball

What poke ball is faster to catch groundon?

master ball

What is the best pokeball to catch suicine with?

the best pokeball to catch suicune with is a great ball

How can ya catch a Pokemon?

with a poke ball