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Strength will activate when you get the RainbowBadge.

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Q: What badge do you need to use strength in Pokemon Yellow?
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What badge do you have to beat to get strength in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You don't need a badge to get strength but you need a badge to use strength and that badge is the rainbowbadge and that is the 4th one in celadon city.

What gym badge do you need to use the skill strength in pokemon pearl?

The mine badge.

What gym badge do you need for strength in pokemon?

For DPPt, the 6th.

Where do you get acsess to use strength on Pokemon Diamond?

You need the cobble badge.

Which badge do you need to use strength in Pokemon emerald?

The fourth one.

What Badge for strength in Pokemon Fire Red?

You need the rainbow badge which you get a celadon city Hm cut is needed.

Why cant you use strength in Pokemon?

You need the 4th badge first to use it.

What badge do you need to use strength in Pokemon FireRed?

You can use the move strength in Pokémon to move boulders. You can use strength in FireRed after getting the rainbow badge.

Why can't you use the strength to push the boulder in Pokemon diamond?

You need the Cobble Badge.

What gym badge do you need to get in order to use strength outside of battle on Pokemon white?

well u have to had your forth gym badge.

How do you get your Pokemon push a rock in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Teach it the HM move Strength. You will also need the badge from Celadon City which will allow you to use Strength outside of battle.

What badge do you need to surf in Pokemon Yellow?

You need the soul badge that is obtained from defeating the Fuschia city gym leader Koga in order to use surf outside of battle.