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You need the cobble badge.

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Q: Where do you get acsess to use strength on Pokemon Diamond?
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What attack do you have to use to move a bolder in Pokemon diamond?

You use Strength to roll the movable boulders.

Why can't you use the strength to push the boulder in Pokemon diamond?

You need the Cobble Badge.

How do you get your Pokemon to learn strength in Pokemon diamond the game?

First you find the HM in the lost tower next to the hollow tower. then you get the badge from canlave city and your Pokemon can use strength

How do you use strength rock on Pokemon diamond?

First if you mean strength you must beat the gym leader in pastoria city and she will give the HM strength. Then you teach to a Pokemon and you can use it. If you mean stealth rock you can teach it to a Pokemon if you have the TM for it or sometimes your Pokemon will learn it. I hope this is helpful

How do you use strength if you didn't get a certain badge in Pokemon diamond?

shut up who ever u are

How can you move boulders in Pokemon diamond?

you can use the hm strength you can smash rocks with rock smash

Pokemon diamond what gym do you get strength?

You will be able to use HM04 Strength outside of battle after you defeat the 6th gym which is in Canalave City.

On Pokemon diamond how can you get the Pokemon to bash down the bolders?

After you beat the sixth gym leader, you are allowed to use strength which moves the boulders.

How exacly do you get strength in Pokemon diamond?

complete a gym to be able to use it but i dont remember where it is given sorry

Where to get strengthon Pokemon diamond?

Ask your friends if they have a shieldon and trade. I traded my rhyhorn for a shieldon and it can use strength

What towns gym when after you beat it you get to use strength outside of battle on Pokemon diamond?

canalave city gym

Can Palkia use fly in Pokemon diamond?

No, Palkia can only learn Cut, Surf, Strength and Rock Smash.