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you can use the hm strength

you can smash rocks with rock smash

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Q: How can you move boulders in Pokemon diamond?
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Where do you get the move to move boulders in Pokemon diamond?

you mest get the hm strength.

What Pokemon move in Pokemon Diamond allows you to move boulders?

The move in Pokémon Diamond that allows you to move boulders that are in the way as you're traveling the Sinnoh region is called Strength. Strength is a Hidden Machine that you can find in the top floor of the Lost Tower.

How do you move boulders in mount cornet Pokemon diamond?

easy you get the hm strength and then you can move all the bolders you need to

What attack do you have to use to move a bolder in Pokemon diamond?

You use Strength to roll the movable boulders.

How do you move the boulders in Pokemon HeartGold?

First, you have to get the HM strength, then teach it to and a Pokemon and you can move boulders.

How do you remove boulders in Pokemon Diamond?

If the boulders are smooth then you need to get one of your Pokemon to learn strength to move it and if the boulder is rough then you need to get your Pokemon to learn rock smash ( both of these moves require HMs to be learnt)

What was the new HM from your gym badge from canalave city in Pokemon diamond?

Strength, which let's you move boulders around

How do you get rid of bouders on Pokemon diamond?

You can't get rid of boulders, you can only move them around and that's only with a Pokemon that knows the HM strength.

How do you move boulders that you can't smash them with rock smash in Pokémon's diamond version?

You need to teach the HM strength to a pokemon.

Is there a way to move rocks in your secret base on Pokemon diamond without getting an flag?


What move can move boulders in Pokemon Y?


What is Strength used for in Diamond?

It is used to move boulders.