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Currently there is no use for Ender pearls. There will be a use for them in the future, but we do not know what that use is at this time. However, there are user made mods to minecraft that allow you to craft objects with Ender pearls.

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Q: What are the uses for ender pearls in Minecraft?
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When were ender pearls added to the game Minecraft?

In 1.8 Beta.

How much is a stack in Minecraft?

A standard stack in Minecraft is 64. However, certain items, including ender pearls and snowballs can only be stacked to 16.

What is the aims of Minecraft?

before 1.0.0 there was no aim but now the aim is to go to the end using ender pearls and beat the enderdragon

How do you use an end portal in minecraft?

Get some ender pearls by killing endermans and blaze powder which is crafted from blaze rods which can be obtained from killing blaze in the Nether. Craft eye of ender using ender pearls and blaze powder. Right click with the eye of ender on the end portal frame. Activate all frames to activate the portal.

How do you go to The Ender Dimension in Minecraft?

First of all: it's not called 'The Ender Dimension', it's called 'The End'. You can get there by finding a stronghold, then activating the portal there. When you jump through you will go to The End. (You activate the portal using 'Eyes of Ender', made using Ender pearls and Blaze powder.)

How do you make a ender bubble on Minecraft?

There's no such thing as an ender bubble. However, there are ender pearls that drop from endermen. If you throw, it teleports you to where it lands but does 2 hearts of damage. There is also an Eye of Ender which is ender pearl + blaze powder. When thrown, it takes you in the direction of the nearest stronghold end portal. You also need it to activate the portal.

How do you go to the end in mine blocks?

In Minecraft you must find a stronghold that holds an end portal. You will also need 9 ender eyes to activate the portal. Ener pearls drop form Enderman and you can craft the ender eyes from them.

Where can you find the ender dragon mod for Minecraft?

The Ender Dragon is a part of Minecraft, not a mod. You probably need to update Minecraft.

Why does the eye of ender hover in minecraft?

The eye of ender hovers because it follows the ender and is magical!

Can you ride the ender dragon in Minecraft?


Is there an ender dragon in minecraft on xbox 360?

no xbla minecraft is the equivalent to mc beta 1.7.3 before the ender dragon [who is very weak] wnd all that ender crap was added

How do you get to the endear dragon on Minecraft?

kill ender men to get ender pearls then go to to the nether and fined a nether fortress. find a blaze spawner and kill the blazes look up on minecraft wiki how to make a eye of ender make a lot and them you right click with them in your hand. it will fly in a direction follow them until they will go straight down. dig straight down until you find a stronghold. look for the end portal place the needed eyes of ender and jump in the portal. you should see the ender dragon there. look it up on youtube for more information