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The eye of ender hovers because it follows the ender and is magical!

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Q: Why does the eye of ender hover in minecraft?
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How do you get the eye on minecraft pocket edition?

you cant get eye of ender because there are no ender men

Is there a command in minecraft that can teleport you to a stronghold?

No, but you can use the eye of ender to find it.

What version of minecraft do you need to get eye of ender?

You need minecraft 1.0.0 or over or you can get the minecraft 1.9 pre-release 5.

What does it mean when an Eye of Ender explodes in Minecraft?

Eyes of Ender will shatter when thrown if there are no End Portals within 1000 blocks.

How do you mix blaze powder with a eye of end er on Minecraft?

The eye of ender does not need to be mixed with blaze powder. You can MAKE an eye of ender by putting blaze powder and an ender pearl in the crafting grid in your inventory or a crafting table.

How do you make the eye of ender in Minecraft?

Craft an Enderpearl and Blaze Powder together

How do you ender pearl in minecraft?

With the ender pear you can teleport that costs you some hearts and you just need to right click, the eye of ender is used to track down the ender portal that leads to the ender dragon.

What does purlenderer do in Minecraft?

I'm sorry but there is no such thing as a purlenderer in Minecraft. If you are referring to an ender pearl then it teleports you to the spot that it lands when you throw it. You will take life when using it. An ender pearl can also be combined with blaze powder to make an eye of ender.

What does an eye of ender do on minecraft 1.4.2?

It leads you to the end portal located in a stronghold underground.

How do you throw the eye of ender on minecraft?

Just hold it and right click (above ground)

How do you find a ender potral in minecraft?

You throw the eye of ender in the air and it floats to the closest stronghold. Then dig straight down and go through the stronghold to find the ender portal. Place an eye of ender in each spot, then the portal should turn on. Then just jump in.

How do you fly in minecraft in survival mode?

To fly in survival mode you need to craft the eye of ender