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No, but you can use the eye of ender to find it.

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Q: Is there a command in minecraft that can teleport you to a stronghold?
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How do you teleport home in Minecraft?

You cannot teleport home in vanilla, no cheats Minecraft. However, in many servers there is a /sethome command which allows you to set a home and teleport to it using /home.

How do you warp in Minecraft?

It depends, if your on a Online-server, you can "Teleport" to somebody or a point using the Command "/Tp *YOURNAME" then something else"

How do you teleport someone somewhere with command blocks in Minecraft?

you say /tp randomperson x coordinate y coordinate z coordinate

How do you teleport on Minecraft on the Xbox?

You can't :(

How do you teleport to a person in Minecraft?

If you throw an ender pearl you will teleport to wherever of lands.

How do you teleport in single player on minecraft?

you cant you need a target player to teleport to

How do you teleport others to you in rsps?

The most common teleport command is xteletome or teletome.

How do you stop teleport commands from appearing in chat on minecraft?

Use the gamerule 'commandBlockOutput'. The command is - /gamerule commandBlockOutput false . This will remove any annoying chat messages.

How do you teleport in Minecraft?

If you are on a online server and have the authority to teleport then type /tp player to teleport to them. This also works the other way around

How do you teleport 4 players to 4 different places in minecraft?

these things called command blocks. their id is 137, if you want them, type in /give @p 137 then type in the command area /tp @p [corridanates]

How do you get to the enderworld on minecraft?

You have to make an ender Portal or find one near a stronghold. A stronghold would be in the ravines.

How do you teleport to village in minecraft?

You can't, you have to find one.