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The Ender Dragon is a part of minecraft, not a mod. You probably need to update Minecraft.

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Q: Where can you find the ender dragon mod for Minecraft?
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Do you need a mod to find the ender dragon on minecraft?


Can the ender dragon be tamed on minecraft?

no it can't but with a mod you can

What is the list of dragons in dragons mounts mod for Minecraft?

Ender Dragon, Aether Dragon, Fire Dragon, Water Dragon, Ghost Dragon, Forest Dragon, Ice Dragon, Nether Dragon.

Where is the red dragon in minecraft?

there is none unless u have a mod

Is there a Minecraft mod that can turn you into a dragon?

Yes, there's a mod called "Mod Disguise" that lets you transform into any mob.

Does ender dragon eggs hatch in minecraft?

literally nothing what so ever becept for one thing when you right click it it teleports 8-10 blocks.

Does the how to train your dragon mod in Minecraft cost any thing?

No, it is currently free.

Can you hach dagon eggs in minecraft?

You can only hatch dragon eggs with a mod.

How do you spawn an enderdragon in Minecraft?

You can't respawn the Ender Dragon in Minecraft without some kind of mod. Single Player Commands and the Essentials Bukkit server plugin can both be used to spawn mobs.Whatever you do, don't spawn it outside of the End, unless you don't mind your world being bombed.

What is the airplane mod in minecraft called?

SDK Planes Mod, I guess you could find it on Minecraft Forums

How can you tell if you downloaded the ender dragon mount mod for rminecraft?

Did you click on the download link?if not chances are you didn't download the mod.if you have to ask the question then you obviously didn't download the mod.

How do you find a horse in minecraft?

You need a mod