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just remember all the fire types on all the eirler Pokemon vertions, those are all of them on the national.

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Q: What are the fire type Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl after you get the national pokedex?
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How many Pokemon is there in the diamond and pearl pokedex?

104 before the national pokedex expansion

Do you need national pokedex to get magnemite?

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl you need the National Pokedex to get Magnemite. In Pokemon Platinum you don't need the National Pokedex to get Magnemite.

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl what is number 486 in the National Pokedex?


Where do you get 212 on the national pokedex on Pokemon pearl?

you have to trade it with pkmn diamond

What is Pokemon 147 in pearl?

Pokemon no.147 in the Pokemon Pearl National Pokedex is Dratini.

On Pokemon Diamond and Pearl is there a way to compelete your national pokedex?

Catch all the Pokemon.

Which Pokemon is 45 in Pokemon diamond?

In the Diamond and Pearl Pokedex, number 45 is Burmy. In the National dex, no.45 is Vileplume.

What Pokemon is number 179 in Pokemon Diamond for the national pokedex?

the Pokemon is rotom to get him you need to trade it over from diamond pearl or platinum

Show you the pokedex for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Well, I can say it, but i would take too long. Go onto this website and follow my instructions then, a main page will come up. It has info. about Pokemon diamond, pearl and platnium. up near the top you will see the words 'Pokemon diamond and pearl' or just 'diamond and pearl'. click on it. then there will be another link saying 'diamond and pearl pokedex' or something similer. click on it and you can see there pokedex or the National Pokedex (every single Pokemon in the univers)

In Pokemon where do you find number 58 in the national pokedex?

IN Pokemon platinum you find this Pokemon on route 201(after you get the national pokedex you put fire red version into your DS)and he will appear.Samething with Pokemon pearl and diamond.

How do you obtain the National Pokedex in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

After you see all the Sinnoh Region Pokemon, go to the Professor, and he will give you the National Pokedex, which includes Pokemon from the Kanto, Hoenn, and Johto Regions.

How do you get national pokedex in Pokemon Pearl?

how do you et national pokedex in Pokemon pearl? finish your sinnoh pokedex and either proffessor rowan will give you the national pokedex, or prof. oak