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you can not capture it in Pokemon diamond you have to migrate it

that isn't true....

i caught it is Pokemon diamond and pearl so migrate isn't the only way...

you can catch it on route 220 with a superrod after you get the national pokedex

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Q: Where can you find chinchou in Pokemon Pearl?
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Where can you get a chinchou in Pokemon Pearl?

Route 266

Where do you find chinchou in Pokemon pearl?

Chinchou is a water and electric type of Pokémon in Pokémon Pearl. To get one, use a super rod on route 220.

How do you get chinchou in Pokemon pearl?

no route 226 hope this helps

Where to find a trainer with chinchou in pearl?

There is none

Where can you find chinchou in Pokemon platinum?

you can find chinchou in variuos places inside Mt.Coronet

How do you elvole chinchou on Pokemon pearl?

chinchou evolves into lanturn at level 27 by the way lanturn looks awsome hope i helped

Where do you find chinchou in Pokemon FireRed?

You don't.

Where do you find a chinchou on Pokemon LeafGreen?

you find chinchou under the sea when you diveChinchou cannot be obtained in LeafGreen you will need to trade it from Emerald.

Where to find chinchou on Pokemon platinum?

By fishing on Route 220.

What type of Pokemon is Chinchou?

Chinchou is a Water and Electric type pokemon.

Where do you find Chinchou in Pokemon Platinum?

you can find it on route 220 using the super rod

Where do you get a Lanturn in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Get a Chinchou, and evolve it. I'm not sure how you evolve Chinchou, but you can find them on route 27 if you go fishing with a super rod.