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you can find it on route 220 using the super rod

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Yeah but you can't get the super rod unless you have the national dex something you only obtain after encountering every pokemon in the regional dex

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Q: Where do you find Chinchou in Pokemon Platinum?
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Where can you find chinchou in Pokemon platinum?

you can find chinchou in variuos places inside Mt.Coronet

Where to find chinchou on Pokemon platinum?

By fishing on Route 220.

What trainer has chinchou in Pokemon platinum?


In Pokemon Platinum what is Pokemon number 170?

Chinchou which evolves into Lanturn.

In Pokemon Platinum where do you find Pokemon 170?

Use surf on route 220 then use a super rod. Chinchou is a Water-Electric type so it's a very good pokemon! It's a 50% chance it's a Girl or a Boy.

Where do you find chinchou in Pokemon FireRed?

You don't.

Where do you catch chinchou in Pokemon platinum?

Route 219 or 220 i think. South of sandgem town.

Where do you find a chinchou on Pokemon LeafGreen?

you find chinchou under the sea when you diveChinchou cannot be obtained in LeafGreen you will need to trade it from Emerald.

In Pokemon Platinum what Pokemon is number 162?

furret -

What type of Pokemon is Chinchou?

Chinchou is a Water and Electric type pokemon.

Where to find a deep sea scale in platinum?

U gotta get it off a wild Pokemon homie there a 5 pecent chance to get it offa a lanturn relicanth or chinchou g peace out fools

Where do you get a Lanturn in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Get a Chinchou, and evolve it. I'm not sure how you evolve Chinchou, but you can find them on route 27 if you go fishing with a super rod.