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all u need is the national pokedex in pearl or diamond to import them u must have it

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Q: Do you have to see all the Pokemon on diamond to import Pokemon from fire red?
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Can you catchZapdos Moltres Arctino Mew and Mew-Two in Pokemon Diamond?

All Pokemon list require a trade or you to import via Pal Park. As none are wild in Pokemon Diamond.

What are the fire type Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl after you get the national pokedex?

just remember all the fire types on all the eirler Pokemon vertions, those are all of them on the national.

What is the all fire type cheat code for Pokemon Diamond?

I do not think there is one...if there is you would find it by typing in "all Pokemon diamond action replay codes"

How do you get all Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

You can get some Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond itself, but the rest, you will have to trade. The Global Trade System will help. Or if you can't help it, get an Action Replay.Action Replay is the easiest way. Action replay is worth it to buy. very useful.You can't you will have to trade from other versions :) or import from ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/Leaf green/Fire red

Where do you get all the regis in Pokemon diaMOND?

u import them from the hoenn games and catch regigigas in snowpoint temple after national pokedex

Can you find Pokemon from Pokemon FireRed on Pokemon Diamond?

Some, but not all. You can transfer Pokemon from Fire Red onto Diamond, though. You have to get the National Dex in Diamond first, and that involves beating the Elite Four and then speaking to Prof. Rowan.

Im stuck on Pokemon Diamond and i want all of the Pokemon how do you do it?

to get all the Pokemon you have to migrate Pokemon from your other games like fire red leaf green ruby emerald sapphire

Which Pokemon evolves from fire stone in diamond?

Pokemon List for Fire Stone: Evolve Growlithe to an Arcanine Evolve Vulpix to a Nintales Evolve Eevee to a Flareon That's all.

Catch every Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond?

To catch every Pokemon, you need action replay for the few last diamond legendaries. You will need Pokemon fire red/leaf green and emerald. Migrate them to Pokemon diamond. In Pokemon diamond, fill up your pokedex by catching Pokemon normally or with poke radar, or use gts. It will take a long time to catch all Pokemon

How do you you trade Pokemon from Pearl Diamond to FireRed LeafGreen?

You can't trade Pokemon between Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and Leaf Green/ Fire Red, although you can migrate Pokemon from Leaf Green/ Fire Red to Pokemon Diamond/Pearl using Pal Park, which is in Route 221. (Available after deafeating the Elite Four and Champion).You don't trade, you simply Export from Fire Red and Pokemon, once on Diamond/Pearl can not be sent back to the original game. First insert Fire Red into the GBA slot on your Nintedo Ds, at the main menu for Diamond/Peal choose Import Pokemon, you will be asked to pick six Pokemon, (Pokemon with hm's can't be transfered btw) after choosing your six continue the game on diamond and go to the Pal Park on route 221, talk to the man at the counter he will let you in to catch the Pokemon that were transfered over, Don't worry the park balls are like master balls and will always catch the Pokemon on the first try. Once you have caught all the Pokemon time will be up and you will leave when you are done tell the man at the counter to transfer Pokemon to the PC, save and boom you have Your Firered Pokemon on Diamond/Pearl. This also works the same with Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, and leaf green.

How much Pokemon is there on pearl?

493 Pokemon all together, however to catch them all you will need to attend Pokemon events, and have Pokemon fire red/ leaf green, diamond, ruby/sapphire/emerald.

How do you get all the Pokemon in pearl and diamond?

If you want to fill your Sinnoh Dex, look on websites. There are lists of where to see every Sinnoh Pokemon. If you want to fill your National Dex, you have to import them from your GBA games.