What are the controls in black ops?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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<-- scoreboard --> objectives menu LT aim down sight RT fire weapon LB tactical grenade RB lethal grenade Y switch weapon crouch prone hold and sprint for dive to prone a jump x use reload R analog stick click for melee attack left to analog stick , inventory and L analog stick move click to sprint.

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Q: What are the controls in black ops?
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Does Black Ops PS3 have parental controls?

The PS3 has the controls for parents

What are mw3 controls?

same as black ops

What are the keyboard controls for black ops?

there behind the chair

Will the controller for The Hunt work for black ops wii?

it will if it uaes the same controls as black opps

Controls for call of duty black ops ds?

get a life play out side

Does black ops have parental controls?

Yes. You can remove all blood and language.

What is the laugh in zombies black ops?

That is Samantha laughing at you, Samantha is the one who controls the zombies

Why are the bots on Call Of Duty Black Ops so MLG?

Because Bigbens1128 is a sicko and controls them

Are the controls from black ops the same as any aother call of duty game or modern warfare?

Yes its always been the same controls that i know of..

How do you dive on Call of Duty Black Ops zombies on the iPad?

Depends on what controls you are using, look in the settings

How do you flip your look controls on Call of Duty Black Ops?

press start and there should be an invert look option

How do you make your gun go up when your pushing down on black ops?

Change controls to look enversion enabled