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The PS3 has the controls for parents

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Q: Does Black Ops PS3 have parental controls?
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How do you set a claymore down in cod black ops ps3?

For the Ps3 you hit left on the D-Pad and then hit the R1 button (for default controls)

Are there any parental controls on call of duty?

cod 5 W@W is has not got parental controls but you can set parental controls in the settings menu by pressing the PS button[ps3] or go to the dashboard[xbox]

Does Justin bieber play black ops on ps3?

Yeah he play black ops on ps3 , his username is ItsJustin_Bieber

Is black ops for PS3?

It is for PS3, XBOX, WII and DS

How can i download mods for black ops 2 on ps3?

You must have a PS3 with Playstation store account and purchase it from them with the complete MW3 DLC

How do you get acsenion on cod zombies on PS3?

There is no PS3 game titled Call of Duty Zombies. It's a phone game. The PS3 game is Black Ops and you get additional maps on the PS3 for Black Ops by purchasing the 1of the 4 Black Ops map Packs from the Playstation Store at $15 each

Does PS3 have black ops?

Yes, it is out now

Does black ops work on ps3 move?


When does black ops come out for ps3?

Black Ops is already out. It was released on November 9th 2010.

What is beter black ops or MW2?

Black ops by 100% because mw2 has to much noobs and hackers black ops is good but freezes peoples ps3 on ps3 it freezes and the updates are dumb and jacked up

How can i get mods on black ops 2 for ps3?

You can get mods on black ops 2 for ps3 by downloading Black ops 2 Cheats which contains a number of different hacks, cheats, and mods just in one tool.

Is black ops best on PS3?

what you like is your choice,but i would prefer that nfs hot pursuit is the best game on ps3 not call of duty black ops