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cod 5 W@W is has not got parental controls but you can set parental controls in the settings menu by pressing the PS button[ps3] or go to the dashboard[xbox]

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Q: Are there any parental controls on call of duty?
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Are there any parental controls for minecraft?

No, not currently.

Can you chat with people on line if they are not on your friends list on the call of duty black ops?

This really depends on your parental settings (If you have them on). If you don't then yes, just like any other call of duty.

Are the controls from black ops the same as any aother call of duty game or modern warfare?

Yes its always been the same controls that i know of..

Do parental controls keep you from seeing your channel stats on socialbladecom?

The parental controls goes not in any way prevent you from seeing the channel stats on socialbladecom. The parental controls only help the parents prevent their children from watching certain channels.

How do you turn off parent controls?

Parental controls can often be accessed in the options/tools menu of the system. However, to successfully disable parental controls, the pin number may be required.

Does mw3 have parental controls?

No it is not possible. Games do not have passwords, it's the system that has the Parental controls like the PS3 or Xbox 360. How can you have controls on a Disc that can not be changed. Only the information loaded into the Platform can change. That's where Parental controls are and they would stop you from playing a mature game like MW3 or any Mature rated game if they were set for that.

How can you get past time restrictions for parental controls?

We in the Wiki community will not help you bypass any security features. The parental controls have been set by yourparents for a reason. If you want them changing - talk to your parents !

Is there any Call of Duty for psp?

Call of Duty 3: Roads to Victory.

Which is better Call of Duty or Call of Duty 2 if your computer will not support any of the newer games in the series?

call of duty 2

Are there ghosts in any Call of Duty I know that in Call of Duty World at War Zombies and in Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies there are?

there are no ghosts

Are there any DVR's that have parental controls or a V-chip?

Usually you get your DVR through your cable provider so it really depends on what cable company you are going through . Some cable companys such as Comcast have DVR's that do have parental controls .

How do you know if your TiVo parental controls are on?

The padlock icon is locked. If you attempt to view or delete a program that is a part of your parental controls, you'll be prompted to enter a password. When you enter the correct password, Parental Controls are temporarily disabled.Additional notes about TiVo parental controls:If they are temporarily disabled, the padlock is open. You can view any program, but a password is required to change any parental controls.If they are Off the padlock is open and dim. Anyone can view or record any channels and no password is required to change Parental Control settings. If you turn them back on, a new password is required.Source: www.tivo.comWhy should I use Parental Controls? Parental Controls allow you to filter programs you deem inappropriate for your children to watch. You can lock channels and set rating limits for movies and television shows. You'll have better control over what your children watch and feel more comfortable about their viewing habits when they watch TV.