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You press the back left trigger to boost, but be careful seen as you only have it for a few seconds .If this does not help go to the in-game controls and you will see the controls.

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Q: How do you boost RC xd on black ops PC?
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What does RC cola do in black ops zombies?

There is no RC cola in Black Ops Zombies... so, nothing. Mystery solved!

What is the black ops' surveilence car on black ops prestige edition?


How do you get the RC car in black ops wii?

To get the rc-car in black ops wii you have to get a three kill streak. if you have hardline you can get it in two kills.

How do you use the RC car in black ops?

Upon using RC-XD, the controls appear briefly.

What happens when you boost on black ops?

Boosting on Call of Duty: Black Ops is a very nuanced topic with many standpoints and issues associated with it, but put simply, pressing L2 on the sixaxis controller (or beating yourself with any part of your inferior platform's controller) will, when the option to boost is available, cause either your RC-XD or your Valkyrie Rocket to increase in speed. Be aware though that this will cause the fuel/power for both to decrease more rapidly, so make sure you choose your moment(s) wisely. In my answer, I haven't even scratched the surfaced of what really happens when you boost on Call of Duty: Black Ops.

How do you get RC on black ops on ps3?

Go to your kill streak menu and click on RC. Then when you get 3 kills in a row your will get it!

How do you turn off the time limit on the RC XD in black ops?

There is no way.

What happens when you explode an RC car on yourself in black ops?

Your character dies.

How do you detonate an RC-XD in Black Ops?

Press c, then z, and BOOM!

Does the prestige edition come with Call of Duty Black Ops?

No, you have to Pre-order the prestige edition of Black ops (comes with a RC car & a poster as far as i know)

Does the RC xd in the call of duty black ops actually have a working camera?


What is the never die cheat for black ops?

my cousin told me you explode an RC car on your self