Which is better black ops or gta 4?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Black ops

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Q: Which is better black ops or gta 4?
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Is sokom 4 better than black ops?

No, black ops is way better

What game is better left 4 dead 2 or black ops?

Well...ummm Black ops is way better then left 4 dead 2. Black ops got zombies and multiplayer mode and WAY better graphics! annd left 4 dead 2 gets borring!

Is cod 4 better than black ops?


What is better Grand Theft Auto san Andreas or Grand Theft Auto 4?

gta 4 is way better then gta san... i'd say gta 4 is better.

What is better Call of Duty black ops or Call of Duty 4?

I recommend Black Ops because it has: a better campaign, better online, it has zombies, and it is more recent which is means there will be More people playing.

What is better halo 4 or black ops 2?

No one knows neither of them are out.

What game is better call duty black ops or halo 4?


Is black ops 2 better than halo 4?

Nope. The storyline for Halo 4 is more rich and possibly heart-warming at times. Black Ops 2 has bloody and brutal scenes, and lots of cursing. Halo 4 does have blood, but not that much of it, and does not contain that many curse words. The graphics for Halo 4 are MUCH better than those for Black Ops 2, and the shading effects and scenery for Halo 4 are phenomenal. There is also much more to do in Halo 4 than Black Ops 2. Halo 4 offers a long campaign, action packed multiplayer, a second campaign known as "Spartan Ops", and even a tool known as "Forge" that allows you to create your own multiplayer map. Yes, Black Ops 2 is a good game, but Halo 4 is probably the better of the two.

Which game is better GTA 4 or GTA 4 china town?

Call Of Duty 4

What will be better black ops2 or halo 4?

They will probably both be good but if you have played Halo before and liked it get Halo 4. If you played Black Ops and liked it get Black Ops 2. Personally I would want Halo 4 if i could only get one

What is a better game MW2 or Call of Duty Black Ops?

mw2... because it has better graphics and its always fun and is not as bad as black ops ..... but by far the best cod would be cod 4 modern warfare.... its simple and fun

What is better left 4 dead 2 or black ops?

there both the same but dosent have diffrent part