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The normal GameShark codes work on android, just bring up the cheats menu and enter the code

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Q: What are cheats for Pokemon fire red on the android version?
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What are the cheats for Pokemon battle fire?

The cheats for ruby are the cheats for battlefire

What is the cheat code for 9999 pp in Pokemon dark rising hack version?

82025840 0044. Access your "Cheat List" and click "Add" to enter the code. Because Pokemon Dark Rising is a hacked version of Pokemon Fire Red, you can use nearly any cheats from Pokemon Fire Red~!

How do you get Mew Deoxys Ho-oh Celebi and other legendarys in Pokemon LeafGreen fire red and emerald version?

you only can get them with cheats (i realy hate that with all that events and cheats =[ )

What are some of the rainbow island teleport Action Replay codes for Firered Version of Pokemon?

Look at and search Pokemon fire red and look up cheats

Can Kindle Fire play android apps?

yes you can play android app on a kindle fire but you have to root it first. go to youtube and look up rooting a kindle fire. It will give you all the steps on how to root it then you'll be able to access the android app store and the amazon app store through your kindle fire it also works if you have an android device do which you want to download all of your abs onto your kindle

How can use Pokemon shiny gold cheats?

fire red cheats do not work on Pokemon shiny gold

How do you use cheats for Pokemon ash quest?

The answer is use Pokemon fire red cheats.

What are all the fire Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

With something called CHEATS.

Where can you get cheats for Pokemon liquid crystal?

the gameshark cheats for Pokemon fire red work on Pokemon liquid crystal because it's the exact same game type it's just a hack of Pokemon fire red =D

What are some touhoumon Pokemon FireRed English cheats?

take the cheats from the original fire red and use em on touhoumon fire red

Where to get fire Pokemon on Pokemon FireRed version?

mt. ember

Can ruby version battle with fire red version Pokemon?