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Q: Can ruby version battle with fire red version Pokemon?
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Can you battle Pokemon from Pokemon ruby with Pokemon from Pokemon fire red?


Where is the Battle Frontier in Pokemon Ruby?

Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire do not have the Battle Frontier, instead they only have the Battle Tower. It was not until Emerald version that the Battle Frontier was added to the game.

Is there a battle frontier in Pokemon Ruby?

=No, But there is a Battle Tower there. The battle frontier was added only to Emerald Version, and therefore is Completely unaccessible to ruby/Sapphire Version. Sorry.=

What Pokemon can a fire stone be used on in ruby version?

ruby version isn't that were you get vulpix cach a vulpix yous the fire stone on it and you have a nine tales

How do you find what version Pokemon ruby is?

Pokemon ruby's version IS Pokemon ruby.

What are the cheats for Pokemon battle fire?

The cheats for ruby are the cheats for battlefire

Where can you find gowlithe in ruby version?

You cant. Growlithe is a Kanto pokemon, but you can get it from Fire Red. First, catch it in Fire Red, then trade it to Emerald, then trade it to Ruby.

How do you find the ruby in Pokemon fire red version?

you go to island one,go up to mount ember,and there will be to rocket guys talking battle them then go threw the cave.

Pokemon ruby where is the battle factory?

sadly enough....there isnt one in ruby or the other one. there is only a battle frointer in EMERALD version (i know it stinks doesnt it) ):( ^-^

What evolves with a fire stone in Pokemon ruby version?

Vulpix turns into a ninetales (kyuubi in japenese)

When you finish beating the elite four in the Pokemon ruby version what do you do next?

head to trainer/ battle towercatch more Pokemon to complete pokedexlevel up your Pokemon and battle your friends

How do you transfer pokemon from Gale of Darkness to Ruby Version?

Use a link cable to trade/battle with friends.