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how to get raqueza in littletown in Pokemon ruby version

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Q: How 2 get raqueza in littleroot town Pokemon Ruby version?
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How 2 get raqueza in Pokemon ruby version?

You can't get Rayquaza in Ruby or Sapphire unless you trade it. you can, if you know the cloning glitch for Emerald, clone your Rayquaza and trade one to your Ruby Version.

What is your town called in Pokemon ruby?

Your town in Pokemon ruby is called littleroot town.

How do you tell what time it is on Pokemon Ruby?

go in your house at littleroot town

How do you find what version Pokemon ruby is?

Pokemon ruby's version IS Pokemon ruby.

Can you get a shroomish in Pokemon Ruby?

Yes, you can find Shroomish in Pokemon Ruby. They would be somewhere in Littleroot I think... If you find one, just look at pokédex where you can find them.

Where can you find your house in Pokemon Ruby Sapphire and Emerald?

At littleroot town its the left or right house.

What is in Pokemon sapphire that's different from the rest?

In sapphire, instead of getting groudon in ruby or raqueza (I spelt that wrong) in emerald you get kyogre in sapphire

Where to catch sevilithe?

you can't..unless your playing Pokemon dragonstone...if its Pokemon dragonsone/ruby you can get is as your starter...if its Pokemon dragonstone/emerald you find it in the grass between odale town and littleroot

Kyogre Pokemon ruby?

This legendary Pokemon can only be acquired on Ruby Version through trade from Sapphire Version or Emerald Version.

Where can you get a plant for your Secret Base on Pokemon Ruby?

you have to buy them in the flower shop on route 104

If you played finish Pokemon ruby what should you do?

If you finish ruby get another version of pokemon.

Is there a pokemon ruby version for GameCube?

No. Pokemon Ruby was only released for the Game Boy.