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Yes, you can find Shroomish in Pokemon Ruby. They would be somewhere in Littleroot I think... If you find one, just look at pokédex where you can find them.

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Q: Can you get a shroomish in Pokemon Ruby?
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Where do you catch Shroomish on Pokemon sapphire?

Shroomish is a rare Pokemon in Ruby and Saphire but you can find it in the Petalburg woods.

Where to find a shroomish in Pokemon FireRed pokemon?

Shroomish is not available to be caught in the wild in Pokemon FireRed, it must be traded from Ruby or Sapphire.

Where can you get a leef stone on Pokemon Ruby?

you must have a **ndom and **ck a shroomish then he will guide you through

How do you get a fighting type Pokemon ruby?

The first fighting pokemon you can encounter in Ruby is in the cave at the island with the second gym. That one is makuhita. You can also catch a Shroomish in the forest south of Rustboro. Shroomish evolves into Breloom who is a grass/fighting type.

How do you find shroomish in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You cant. You need to trade it from Ruby, sapphire or emerald version.

Can shroomish learn flash in ruby?

Shroomish can learn flash.

Where can you find a ' big shroomish ' in Pokemon ruby?

i found a lot of them south of rustboro city (in the petalburg woods)

What type of Pokemon is shroomish?

Shroomish is a Grass type pokemon.

Pokemon ruby- ehat happens when you put a skitty and a shroomish in a daycare together?

Nothing really, they only grow levels.

How do you get brelloom in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Go into the safari zone. or evolve from shroomish (transfer from previous games they are pretty common in sapphire,Ruby and emerald)

When does Shroomish Evolve at in Ruby?

at lvl 22 or 23

How do you evolve shroomish in the Pokemon pearl?

Shroomish > lvl 23 > Breloom