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Eevee use stone to evolve

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Q: What are all the pokemon that evolve with stones?
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List of of all pokemon that evolve with stones in soulsilver?

witch Pokemon evolve with stones in soul silver

What stone does a ground Pokemon need to evolve?

No stones at all.

What are all the stone names that evolve Pokemon in Pokemon pearl?

Thunder stones, Water stones, Fire stones, Leaf stones, Shiny stones, Dusk stones, Oval stones, Moon stones, Sun stones.

What Pokemon does sunstone evolve?

Stones don't evolve

What are all the stones names that evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal?

If i were you I would probably go to

What stones evolve pearl Pokemon?

Well, this may not be helpful, but Fire stones evolve some fire Pokemon... Sun stones also evolve fire Pokemon, (Fire stone, Thunder stone and Water stone also evolve "Eevee", the Pokemon you get after completing sinnoh dex.

When do certain Pokemon evolve?

Some Pokemon can only evolve with Evolution Stones. Others can only evolve when traded. Most, though, must reach a certain level to evolve. The rest don't evolve at all.

What Pokemon evolves the quickest in heartgold?

Pokemon that evolve with stones

What stones make Pokemon not evolve on Pokemon pearl?


What do moon stones do?

If you are talking about POKEMON then they can evolve different pokEmon.

Pokemon what does a fire stone do?

most of the stones (moon stone, thunder stone, leaf stone, sun stone, dawn stone, dusk stone, oval stone, shiny stone, ....etc.....) make Pokemon evolve. However, the everstone prevent the holder from evolving.

Do all Pokemon have to be happy to evolve?

No, various Pokemon need stones, some evolve with certain items, some in a trade, or some just by leveling up.