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yes, cheats or using stones in the game. Some Pokemon can't evolve without stones or special ways to evolve, so check about whether or not the Pokemon youre trying to evolve needs a special evolution.

Bug Pokemon evolve fast.

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Q: Is there a quicker way to make Pokemon evolve?
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In Pokemon pearl is there any way to get traded Pokemon evolve without trading?

No, you must trade the certain Pokemon that need to be traded to evolve to make them evolve.

How do you make a matyke evolve?

The only way to evolve it is to level it up with a Remoraid in your Pokemon Party.

How do you evolve chatot?

there is NO way you can evolve a Pokemon THAT does NOT evolve

How do you get kadabra to evolve without trading in Pokemon emerald?

there is no possible way to make him evolve with out trading. you have to trade to make kadabra, haunter, and many others to evolve

Does entie evolve?

No Way Legendery Pokemon Do Not Evolve

How do you evolve magnetron in Pokemon Sapphire?

The best way to evolve a Pokemon is to train them often. If they have evolved to their last state then they can't evolve anymore.

How do sizor evolve in Pokemon tower defense?

By the way it is scizor and it doesn't evolve

What do you have to do for it to evolve?

You have to Level it up in Battles. Once you get to a certain level... It will evolve right after. Another way pokemon evolve is frienship, once there happiness level is high enough, and you level them up one more level they will evolve. The last way for Pokemon to evolve is with a stone. Few pokemon evolve from evolutionary stones, but when they do they evolve as soon as you use it on them.

How do you evolve psychic Pokemon?

same way you evove most pokemon.

Is there a quicker way to evolve a staravia?

No, unfortunatly, unless you have alot of (I mean ALOT.) of Rare Candies.

How do you evolve feebas in Pokemon Sapphire?

the only way to evolve it is to have the feebas at a high BEAUTY status for Pokemon contests. and the best way to do this is to have a feebas with a MODEST nature.

Is there a way to evolve trade evolve Pokemon without trading them in heart gold?

no, you have to trade them.