What do moon stones do?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If you are talking about POKEMON then they can evolve different pokEmon.

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Q: What do moon stones do?
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Where are moon stones in Harvest Moon Magical Melody?

You can find the moon stone in Harvest Moon Magical melody in the Cave. (I don't believe that their are moon stones in the underground lake, but hey it is wroth a shot.)

Do moon stones exist?


What are all the stone names that evolve Pokemon in Pokemon pearl?

Thunder stones, Water stones, Fire stones, Leaf stones, Shiny stones, Dusk stones, Oval stones, Moon stones, Sun stones.

In emerald is there a stone other than moon stone?

Yes, there are fire stones, thunder stones, leaf stones, and even sun stones

Where do you get moon stones in Pokemon diamond?

You can find moon stones underground or you have a possibility to find one on a cleffa and clefairy. I hope that helped a little!

Where to find moon stones if you threw them out?

by mining.

What does a moon have on it?

stones and things like that I think

Where do you find moon stone in pokemon emerald?

Moon Stones are evolutionary stones that help certain Pokemon evolve. In Pokemon Emerald, these stones can only be found on wild Lunatone which may be captured in Meteor Falls.

Where to get moon stones in LeafGreen?

You can get one in mount moon and just look around for the others

What do you with moon stones do in platinum?

evolve nidorina and nidorino

Where do you get 2 lightning stones on Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness?

go to mt moon there is no lightning stones.

Where can you get more shiny stones?

you can get more shiny stones underground like fire, leaf, water, moon and lightning stones, but some stones need specific places underground.