What Pokemon does sunstone evolve?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Stones don't evolve

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Q: What Pokemon does sunstone evolve?
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How do sunstones work?

in the Pokemon games, you give a sunstone to an eligible Pokemon and they will evolve. for example, Gloom will evolve into Bellossom when given a sunstone and Sunkern will evolve into Sunflora when given a sunstone.

What does the sunstone evolve in Pokemon black?

Cottonee -> (Sunstone) Whimsicott

What Pokemon evolve with a sun stone on Pokemon leaf green?

this Pokemon will evolve if sunstone is given to hold: oddish (lvl 21) -> gloom (sunstone) -> belossom sunkern (sunstone) -> sunflora

What Pokemon evolve with sunstone in Pokemon FireRed?

Gloom and Sunkern.

Sunstone is for which Pokemon to evolve in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Gloom and Sunkern.

How do you get a sunstone on silver as i want to evolve my eevee?

u get a sunstone where bill used to live in kanto by cathching Pokemon tha she describes but a sunstone dosent evolve an evee

How does gloom evolve in Pokemon Pearl?

with a sunstone get one underground

What Pokemon evolve because of a sunstone in Pokemon soulsilver?

Gloom --> Bellosom Sunkern --> Sunflora

What Pokemon evolve using a sun stone in Pokemon Platinum?

Gloom evolves with a sunstone into belosson

How do you get blossom on Pokemon Diamond?

all you need to do is get a oddish evolve it into gloom and us a sunstone on it and it will evolve into belloseum!

What pokemon evolve with the sunstone?

gloom can evolve into bellosom and sunkern can evolve into sunfloria.

How do you catch a bellosom in the Pokemon FireRed?

To get a bollosom,you have to get a gloom and a stone called "sunstone."Give the sunstone to gloom and it should evolve into a bollosom