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I have no clue but there are at least three

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Q: What are all the episodes in Pokemon when dawn gets hurt?
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Which episodes of supernatural does dean gets hurt in?

If you watch the show you will see he gets hurt in almost all of them.

What episode does kagome gets hurt?

It would be easier to name the episodes that she does not get hurt in. :)Just watch the show for yourself and find out.

What episodes of csi crime scene investigation does nick get hurt?

Nick Stokes gets hurt in the episodes "Grave Danger" (Season 5, Episodes 24-25) where he is buried alive, "Fannysmackin'" (Season 7, Episode 4) when he is attacked by a group of teens, and "For Gedda" (Season 9, Episode 4) where he is temporarily paralyzed after being shot.

Which episodes does sango get hurt?


Did edward get hurt in Eclipse or Breaking Dawn?


Why does pikachu gets hurt a lot Pokemon?

Because your grammar is disgustingly horrible, your knowledge of how to punch your fingers into a foreign smart board baffles me...

What type of Pokemon can ghost Pokemon hurt?

ghost type Pokemon can hurt psychic and ghost. It kan hurt any types except normal and fighting

In what episodes of Law and Order SVU does Olivia Benson get hurt?

Of the episodes that I remember:Fault, Olivia gets her neck slit, she is bleeding pretty badly.Undercover, Olivia gets thrown around and is seconds away from getting raped.Infiltrated, Olivia gets bashed in the head by a policemen while undercover.Paternity, Olivia gets in a car accident with Kathy Stabler.

Does Jacob get hurt in twilight Breaking Dawn?

Yes, he ran away when he got Bella's wedding invitation in Eclipse. But is Breaking Dawn he comes back.

Pokemon can not be hurt in battle cheat code for Pokemon pearl?

you press a l b a r so you Pokemon cant get hurt

In which Pokemon episode do characters get injured?

it really depends on what you are talking about. Ash gets hurt in the pokemon movies by sacrificing himself. Misty was hurt in Celebi- Voice of the Forest movie. I don't know about Brock except that he got sick in the episode Sick Daze. May and Max did not really get hurt as far as I know. And I don't about the other characters. I hope this helped.

What epispode was the Pokemon world junior cup in pokemon?

They start to talk about it in episode 746. There Ash re meets the Sinnoh region champion and help out a hurt Pokemon (that Team rocket hurt) and help it out. Than they ride a water plane to get to the east part of Unova. There the champion tells Ash someone that he knows is there. If you want to wait and see DO NOT look below It's Dawn (the girl Ash traveled with in the Sinnoh region!)