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Q: Which episodes does sango get hurt?
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When does Sango get proposed to?

the episodes name is "Only You Sango" n/p (no problem)

In what inuyasha episode does sango and meroko kiss?

they dont kiss in any of the episodes

What episode did kilala and sango fight?

Kirara doesn't attack Sango in any episodes. However, she does attack Sango in the movie Inuyasha: Affections Touching Across Time after being placed under a spell.

What episode did sango touch mirokus butt?

sango doesn't touch miroku's butt in any of the episodes. i searched and searched on youtube but it's just a picture. Sorry! ;D

What episodes do miroku and sango have romantic moments?

Miroku and Sango don't kiss in any episodes....SO far, maybe in InuYasha! Kanketsu-hen. But they do kiss in the manga. Miroku was in a matter of life and death, and Sango kissed him, whereas InuYasha and Kagome kissed in InuYasha movie 2: The castle beyond the looking glass

How does sango know kohaku?

Kohaku is Sango's brother

What episode of Inuyasha does sango premiere?

Sango premiere's in Episode 24 of Inuyasha: "Enter Sango The Demon Slayer"

What age does sango from inuyasha have a child?

When Sango and Kagome meet, Sango was 16 years old. Sango and Kagome have 1 year difference and so Sango has her children in the Final Act and thats when Kagome is around 18 years old. And Sango is one year older. So Sango must've been 18 and a half to 19 years old.

What chapter in inuyasha did sango killed a bear?

Sango killed a bear demon in InuYasha episode 78-Only You, Sango

Does kikyo love sango?

no kikyo doesnt love sango plus sango love miroku and kikyo loves inuyasha

When was Sango Fighter created?

Sango Fighter was created in 1993.

When did Sango Fighter happen?

Sango Fighter happened in 1993.