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Q: What age should you stop watching Pokemon?
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Why should people stop watching mainly cartoons by the age of 18?

people are weird

What age should you stop playing Pokemon?

Whenever it gets boring for you.

Why should people stop watching only cartoons by the age of 18 and over?

I know huh, that's what happens when you watch sitcoms and dramas

What is the age range for Barney?

i think a kid should stop watching barney at the age of 10 because the kids that play the friends on barney are a bout 10 or 11

What age should your baby stop using the pacifier?

u should lean away from them at age and stop them by age 4

Why do people assume that 20 year olds should stop watching cartoons?

Because at that age 20 year olds should be mature i think its nothing wrong with it but some adults feel like other adults should be an ADULT get it?

When should kids stop napping?

they should stop napping at any age. by NH

What age do should you stop playing Club Penguin?

I think you should stop playing at about 15.

Why Should 18 Year Olds Stop Watching Cartoons?

As long as you like watching them, and you find them entertaining, of course not! If your friends disapprove, then they are not true friends. I am still watching power rangers! Keep on Watching!

At what age does a Yorkshire Terrier stop growing?

A yorkie should stop growing around the age of 2 1/2 or around the age of 3!

Why do people stop watching cartoons past the age of 12?

Some people think its for kids like 6 and 7 but thats not true

What age should you stop kids having a dummy?

at the age of 3-4 and a half