What TM moves can Magikarp learn?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Magikarp can't learn any TM moves.

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Q: What TM moves can Magikarp learn?
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Can Magikarp learn TM moves?

No.Magikarp cannot learn any TM moves if it evolves into gyarados then gyarados can learn TM moves and HM moves too. I Hope i helped you!

What is the best TM to learn to Magikarp?

Magikarp cannot learn TMs (or HMs for that matter). You must first evolve it into Gyarados (which happens at Level 20) before you can begin teaching it TM moves.

Can you teach a Magikarp any TM moves?


What tms can Magikarp learn?

None only when it becomes Gyrados can it learn TM's.

Why can't Magikarp learn any moves besides Splash in Emerald?

MagikarpActually, Magikarp can learn moves and level up. Magikarp can learn Tackle and Flail. Feebas can also learn Tackle and Splash. Magikarp and Feebas can't learn any more moves until they evolve into Gyarados or Milotic.

Any Pokemon can learn any TM in Pokemon Platinum?

The only Pokemon that can not learn a move is magikarp. Any Pokemon can learn at least one TM

What moves can Magikarp learn?

Here are the moves magikarp can learn. Any level - Splash Level 15 - Tackle Level 30 - Flail Evolves into gyrados at level 20

What Pokémons can't learn any Hidden Moves?


What are the moves that are best for beauitfly to learn in emerald?

TM Hyper Beam TM Psychic TM Solerbeam TM Shadow Ball

Can froslass learn any hm move?

No. Froslass can't learn any HM moves. She can only learn TM moves.

What are the TM in Pokemon Emerald?

The Tm's are moves that can be tought to certain pokemon e.g:pikachu can learn thunderbolt.

What TM can you give Magikarp?