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The only Pokemon that can not learn a move is magikarp. Any Pokemon can learn at least one TM

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Q: Any Pokemon can learn any TM in Pokemon Platinum?
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What is the code for Pokemon can learn any TM for Pokemon platinum?

learn any TM/HM: 9207802E 0000D001 1207802E 000046C0 D2000000 00000000

Can any Pokemon learn every TM and HM in Platinum?

Mew and Arceus can.

What Pokemon can push a rock in Pokemon Platinum?

You can use any Pokemon that is able to learn Strength to push rocks.

Can chingling learn the move rock climb in Pokemon platinum?

chingling can't learn any hms.

What Pokemon can surf in Pokemon Platinum?

practically any water type. All the water starters can learn surf, palkia can too!

Is there any Pokemon underground on Pokemon Platinum?


Any new Pokemon in Pokemon platinum?

No sadly

Does any trainers in Pokemon Platinum own a Deoxys?

no nobody in Pokemon platinum have a doexys.

Accidentally got rid of Razor Leaf with Torterra can you get it back on Pokemon Platinum?

If you have a heart scale, go to a guy in Pastoria City and he will let any Pokemon learn any forgotten moves.

Pokemon platinum can migrate from any Pokemon game?


Is there any cheats for Pokemon platinum?