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Here it is: 9207802e 0000d001

1207802e 000046c0

d2000000 00000000

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Q: Learn any TM or hm for Pokemon platinum cheat code?
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Is there a cheat code for catching all Pokemon in Pokemon platinum if so can you show it?

you need the modidfier cheat code for it.

Pokemon platinum ar code that gets rid of the first Pokemon in your party?

no cheat for platinum

How do you catch jiratchi in Pokemon platinum?

You have to use a cheat code.

Is there a cheat code to win every contest in Pokemon platinum?


What is the code for the pokedex cheat in Pokemon platinum?

if there was one i need it

Cheat code for platinum flag in Pokemon platinum verified?

they are different for each ds

Code for light Pokemon for platinum?

light Pokemon- none. Shiny Pokemon there's a cheat...

What is the cheat code for 900 all medicine code for Pokemon platinum?

its 9098213jljuipo0-0010

Can you catch ho oh in Pokemon platinum?

Not unless you have a cheat code.

What is the cheat code in Pokemon platinum to float?

I dont think there is one

What is the cheat code for the Action Replay to catch all Pokemon for the Pokemon Platinum?

really long

Is there a cheat code for Pokemon platinum that makes every Pokemon shiny if you don't have the action replay?