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if there was one i need it

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Q: What is the code for the pokedex cheat in Pokemon platinum?
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How do you collect all the Pokemon in the national pokedex in Pokemon platinum?

By ether finding them or using the cheat code

Is there a Pokemon platinum pokedex national pokedex code?


Is there a full pokedex cheat for platinum?

yes you hold down r and l and every Pokemon will apear in your pokedex i do not know the code though it don't work

What is the cheat for all Pokemon in pokedex?

i do not now the cheat for all Pokemon in the pokedex but action replayDS has the code downloaded.

What is the pokedex 100 percent complete cheat for Pokemon platinum for AR?

that's what im trying to figure out ! im not sure if theres a code for it :(

Is there a way or code to disable the 100 percent pokedex cheat for Pokemon Diamond?

no there is not pokemon_1996_master: what is that cheat? can anyone tell me about the 100 percent pokedex cheat for Pokemon diamond?

Is there a cheat code for catching all Pokemon in Pokemon platinum if so can you show it?

you need the modidfier cheat code for it.

Pokemon platinum ar code that gets rid of the first Pokemon in your party?

no cheat for platinum

Is There a cheat code for Pokemon Ranger called 100 percent Pokedex?


Is there an action replay code for all Pokemon in national pokedex in platinum?


In Pokemon Diamond is there a cheat to get every Pokemon?

No there is not however you can get a action replay code for finished pokedex

Is there any complete pokedex cheat code for Pokemon diamond?

Yes. REPLY: What is it?