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It depends on the level a level 100 reshiram could destroy a lv 10 zekrom it depends on the level cause they're both are equal even a level 100 zigzagoon can destroy a lv 50 reshiram

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Q: What Pokemon is stronger than Reshiram?
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What is the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Black?

Reshiram. But if you make any other Pokemon stronger than it by level, yes, then it will be that Pokemon. But if you look to it by the side of legends and legendary power, it is Reshiram.

Who is stronger serperior or Reshiram?

Reshiram because, reshiram is a fire and dragon type pokemon and serperior is a grass type pokemon. Fire type are super effective against grass type.

Which Pokemon legendary is better black and white?

I think Reshiram is cooler than Zekrom (because I don't like the colour black, so Zekrom's stronger.

What Pokemon is stronger than serpirior?

Emboar beats serpirior, serpirior beats samerott, and samerott beats emboar. So I would suggest emboar or reshiram.

Is Reshiram in Pokemon Black?

Yup, Reshiram is in Pokemon Black and Zekrom is on Pokemon White. :)

Where do you find rushiram in Pokemon White?

Reshiram is not in pokemon white, Reshiram is in pokemon black however you can trade Reshiram over to white. Instead of Reshiram you get Zekrom near end game

Can you get reshiram in pokemon white after you get zeckrom?

No. You have to trade Reshiram from Pokemon Black and Zekrom from Pokemon White.

Where do you get Reshiram in Pokemon White?

Reshiram is unavailable in Pokemon White. You need Black to get it.

What lvl does reshiram evolve in Pokemon?

reshiram does not evolve

How do you catch reshiram in pokemon?

You can catch Reshiram only in Pokemon Black, when you are about to have a battle with N in the Pokemon League.

Is Zekrom stronger than Arceus?

That depends on how you train them. But by total base stats, Arceus still has the upper hand. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No Zekrom is not stronger than Arceus but. Zekrom and reshiram are stronger than mewtwo. Arceus is still the strongest Pokemon though.

What type of Pokemon is Reshiram?

Reshiram is a Dragon- and Fire-Type Pokemon, which no other Pokemon has the same combination. Reshiram is the only Fire-Type that isn't weak to Water-Type Pokemon. Reshiram has the highest Special Attack of ALL Fire-Type Pokemon.