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You must complete all the marriage requirements and then propose with the Blue Feather. The marriage requirements are:

Have a Red Heart with him/her

See their four Heart Events

Buy the Big Bed from the Bazaar

Be in year two or later

Have 30,000LP with their friends/family (this does not apply to all marriage candidates)

The Big Bed will not be available until you get the first Bazaar upgrade. After that you can buy it from the Fantastic Furniture Stand for 10,000G.

You get the Blue Feather once a marriage candidate has an Orange Heart and you are in year two or later. Stuart and Ethel come to your house and give it to you. Which is why you have to wait until at least year two to get married.

People to befriend in order to marry a certain person:

Sherry- Lloyd and Felix

Daisy- Stuart and Ethel

Antoinette- Claude

Freya- No one

Emiko- No one (but you must give her 120 gifts in order to marry her)

Lloyd- Sherry and Felix

Dirk- Ivan

Ivan- Dirk

Angelo- No one

Amir- No one

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Q: How do you get married in Harvest moon grand bazaar?
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No, no one else gets married on Hravest Moon Grand Bazaar but you can see their rival events. Hope I helped!

How much is Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar?

Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar is 30.00$ new. You can get it cheaper if you buy a used copy.

When will Harvest Moon DS grand bazaar be released?

Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar came out in America yesterday, that is, August 25th, 2010. There is no known European realese date, so far.

When does Harvest Moon grand bazaar come into stores?

Grand Bazaar was released in stores in NA August 24th 2010.

Should you get Harvest Moon Animal Parade or Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar?

I've never played Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar so I don't know, but I think you should get Harvest Moon Animal Parade. My cousin Maddi(I think that's how you spell her name) has this game, but I don't.

Does anybody else on harvest moon grand bazaar get married?

Yes other people do its the place where me and my wife had a honeymoon buetiful place.

How do you get a wonderful in harvest moon Grand Bazaar?

You buy them. The store that sells wonderfuls will not open until your Bazaar reaches 75%.

How do you grow soybeans in harvest moon grand bazaar?

Get the seeds then treat it like ofter plants

How do you get kitchen utensils in harvest moon grand bazaar?

Once you get your Bazaar to 25% a cookware stand will open. You can buy new cooking utensils there.

Where is yodel farm on Harvest Moon grand bazaar?

There is no Yodel Farm in Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar. There are only two shops in Town. Raul's Shop and the Cafe. Most of the stores are only open once per week during the Bazaar. Once the Bazaar expands even more store open. You buy animals from Enrique's Animal Stand.

How can you have a big money in harvest moon grand bazaar?

What you do is when you unlock the third windmill you mix fertilizer and fodder and you will get grass seeds. They will make a big profit at the bazaar!

How do you get a big bed on harvest moon grand bazaar?

You have to expand your Bazaar to 25%. Then the Fantastic Furniture Store will open. The only thing for sale will be the Big Bed. It costs 10,000G. If you get married you can buy an even bigger bed. You have to get that if you want to have a child.