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Yes you can catch Reshiram in Pokemon black and you can catch zekrom in Pokemon white hope it helped.

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Q: Can you catch Reshiram in Pokemon Black version?
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Can you catch Reshiramin Pokemon White?

yes in white version you can catch reshiram. in black version you can catch zerkom Reshiram is in Pokemon Black, and Zekrom is in Pokemon White, however it might be possible to get both. Edit: you can.Zekrom is for White and Reshiram is for Black.You cant get both in the game.

Can you catch the legendary in Pokémon Black In Pokémon White?

In Pokemon Black Version the legendary is Reshiram and Pokemon White its Zerkrom.The only way to get both is to transfer Zerkrom to Pokemon Black Version or Reshiram to Pokemon White Version.

Can you catch Reshiram and Zekrom in Pokemon White version?

You can catch Zekrom in Pokemon White and Reshiram in Pokemon Black. They are version exclusive legendaries so the only ways you could get both is through hacks or trading with someone.

How do you catch reshiram in pokemon?

You can catch Reshiram only in Pokemon Black, when you are about to have a battle with N in the Pokemon League.

How do you get the legendary Pokemon on Pokemon Black Version?

Do you mean reshiram?if you do when you are on N's final battle in your first Pokemon league challenge,your light stone summons reshiram you have to catch it.

Can you catch reshiram in white?

No. Reshiram is a Black only Pokemon.

Is Reshiram in Pokemon Black or White?

Reshiram is the white Pokemon and appears on the cover of Pokemon Black Version. Zekrom is the black Pokemon on the cover of Pokemon White Version. This confusing mix is due to the fact that they are called the Yin and Yang Pokemon, can you tell? It's confusing... I would know... I got the wrong game.

Can you catch Reshiram in Pokemon Black?

Yes, Reshiram is Black's legendary. You will not be able to catch Zekrom though.

How do you get reshiram on Pokemon black version?

You can catch Reshiram once you battle and defeat the Elite Four. The story line will basically guide you to Reshiram after defeating the Elite Four.

How do you catch reshiram in Pokemon white?

Reshiram is exclusive to Pokemon Black. You'll have to trade for it.

Where do you catch Reshiram?

In Pokemon Black version, at the end of the first story. In White: Action Replay or trade.

How do you catch Reshiram in white?

Reshiram is not a Pokemon that can be caught in White. You need Black to catch it yourself/