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you go in to an area where there is wifi. on the wii go to settings the connection the scan for a connecton and one should pop up

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Q: How can you get Nintendo Wi-Fi connection?
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How do you get wifi connection on a Nintendo DSi XL?

You have to own wifi

Do you need a wifi usb connector to have WiFi connection?

No, as long as your Nintendo DS can pickup a wireless connection, you can still connect to Nintendo WFC.

How do you get wifi for a ds?

You need a Wifi Connection or Wireless Connection just like a Nintendo Wii

Is the wifi connection of a Nintendo DS different to Nintendo DSi?

Indeed-- If you have WiFi with a DSi you can go on the internet.

How do connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi?

You need to go to a place with WiFi connection or get WiFi connection where you live.

You cant connect to Nintendo wifi at home so you were wondering is bt homehub wifi the same as Nintendo wifi?

i just cant get a connection at home

Can you get the Nintendo WIFI connection to work without a wireless adapter?

you ether need a Nintendo wifi usb connector or a wireless router.

Does it cost anything to connect your Nintendo ds to wifi connection?


Is it true that you can get a WiFi connection on your DS from your Nintendo Wii?


How much does Nintendo DS WiFi connection cost?


Why is your Pokemon diamond game not connecting to Nintendo Wifi connection?

because you need better wifi

How do you add WiFi with Secure Connection to DSl?

please consult Nintendo