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i just cant get a connection at home

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Q: You cant connect to Nintendo wifi at home so you were wondering is bt homehub wifi the same as Nintendo wifi?
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What is wep key in Animal Crossing?

WEP key is not really much to do with animal crossing (unless i am mistaken), it is something to do with your ds wifi connection. If you have a bt homehub then look on the back of it and it will have 'WEP key:' and code of numbers and letters. type that in where it says WEP key on your ds and your ds will connect to the internet. If you don't have a homehub then im sorry i cant help you with my own knowledge. It might not work anyway if your wifi router's settings are not compatible with the ds. Hope this helped.

What cord do you use to plug your Nintendo DSi to the computer?

You would plug in a USB cable to the computer, and the other end of the cord connected to a Nintendo DSi.

Whenever you try to connect to wi-fi for your ds the bars get full and then they empty all of a sudden and you cant connect What does this mean?

check what error code the DS displays after that. fill in the code on the Nintendo support site and you'll see what the problem can be.

How do you get Arceus in Pokemon platinum without ar?

You have to wait for a Nintendo event to come to a nearby store. You can also connect online using the DS. A Nintendo event has not yet happened for Arceus in Platinum.

How do you play Nintendo WFC Quantum of Solace multiplayer on the Nintendo Wii?

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How do you install Nintendo Wii eu firmware on Nintendo Wii us?

you cant

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you cant buy Nintendo dsi cheats

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Connecting a Nintendo 64 to computer?

You cant

Can the Pantech laser connect to wifi?

No. It has 3G to connect to the internet but no wifi capability.

How much money does a Nintendo game make a mouth?

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My ipod touch 4 cant connect to my wifi I cant see the network but whenever i select it it says unable to connect My ipod can connect to other networks Ive tried restarting it but it doesnt work?

Sorry i meant that it can see the network but cant connect to it