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Most likely, the pokemon you are describing is Zoroark. Zorua, Houndour and Houndoom may also apply.

Trivia: the name Zoroark comes from Zorro (Spanish for wolf) and dark.

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Q: What Pokemon is black and red and looks like a wolf?
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all dogs are descended from wolves. The fact that a husky looks like a wolf is a mere coincidence. Just because a husky is black does not make it closer to wolves. not all wolves are black.

Which Pokemon looks most like a wolf?

I say Mightyena, definitely. Even though it is a hyena Pokemon, but he seems a lot like a wolf because its body shape, can howl, and are in packs, just like real wolves do. Here are some other Pokemon that look like wolves: Arcanine (Growlithe) Lucario (Riolu)

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What does KakuRed White Blue Yellow and Black look like in their animal forms in Kakuranger?

KakuRed's animal form looks like a red ape. KakuWhite's animal form looks like a white crane. KakuBlue's animal form looks like a blue wolf. KakuYellow's animal form looks like a yellow bear. KakuBlack's animal form looks like a black toad.

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Medium sized animal with gray to reddish gray fu more red on legs feet and ears dark tipptail whitish belly and throat?

if your asking what animal looks like that then here you are: if it looks like a wolf then possible things that could be are a dingo, tibetan wolf, or steppe wolf. Also likely to be a red wolf. red foxed also match that though they are smaller and have black/gray legs.

What Pokemon look like wolves?

Arcanine (and Growlithe) Houndoom (and Houndour) Mightyena (despite it being based on a Hyena, it still looks a bit like a wolf) Shinx Luxio Luxray Riolu Lucario (out of all of these pokemon, Lucario along with Luxray are undoubtedly the most wolf-like) Zoroark (a bit, even though it is a fox) Entei Suicune Raikou That, I believe, is all. :)

Is the Pokemon mightyena more like a hyena or wolf?

Well the makers of Pokemon made it a hyena, but I say mightyena is WAY more like a wolf. Mightyena howls and stuff. ( I LOVE wolves <3 )

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