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How is this a Pokemon question? Beat boss battles with Fox or Falco and beat wolf.

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Q: How do you get wolf on supersmash bros brawl?
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Is there going to be another supersmash bros brawl?


Who are the charicters in supersmash bros brawl?

Check the link I posted about the Super Smash Bros. Brawl DOJO!.

How do you get target levels on supersmash bros brawl?

You can't, they're already there.

How do you get mewto in supersmash bros brawl?

sorry you dont they replaced him with lucario

Is tabu in supersmash bros brawl?

Yes he is. He appears as the final boss in the game

How do you get wolf in adventure mode on Super Smash Bros Brawl?


How come sonic wasn't in supersmash bros melee?

maybe, because sonic had not truly shined in the Nintendo series when super smash bros melee first came out

Who is faster in Super Smash Bros Brawl wolf or captain falcon?

It is wolf.

Batman in supersmash bros brawl?

Sorry, but only Nintendo characters (with the exception of sonic, tails, and snake) are allowed in Super Smash Bros Series. Batman is a DC charatcer.

Is Deoxys playing in super smash brawl on wii?

Am sorry but you cant be deoxys in this one am not sure but i hear there making a new supersmash bros. frey

For supersmash bros how do you cheat?

you can't

Is supersmash bros brawl coming out in Australia?

No you ding dong! dont you watch tv? well i got it aswell as my best friend and his cousin you ding dong