What Is a List of Moves a Zangoose Can learn By Leveling Up?

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scratch LVL 1 leer LVL 1 quick attack LVL 5 swords dance LVL 9 Fury cutter LVL 14 slash LVL 18 pursuit LVL 22 embargo LVL 27 crush claw LVL 31 tuant LVL 35 detect LVL 40 false swipe LVL 44 X-scissor LVL 48 close combat LVL 53 hope it helped = )

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Q: What Is a List of Moves a Zangoose Can learn By Leveling Up?
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What moves does pansear learn while leveling up?

Here's the list of moves it can learn from leveling up:Level 1- ScratchLevel 4- LeerLevel 7- LickLevel 10- IncinerateLevel 13- Fury SwipesLevel 16- YawnLevel 19- BiteLevel 22- Flame BurstLevel 25- AmnesiaLevel 28- FlingLevel 31- AcrobaticsLevel 34- Fire BlastLevel 37- RecycleLevel 40- Natural GiftLevel 43- Crunch

Where do you get a Zangoose on Pokemon Indigo?

you go to the top of the page and put your mouse on shop,center,more and at the bottom of the list it will say Pokemon locater click on it then go to Pokemon a-z then go to zangoose click on it then it will show a list of places you can find zangoose click one of them then look until you find a zangoose hope this helped

How do you replace a Pokemon move with a move that it has learned while leveling up?

in all Pokemon video games (not sure about ranger) when you try to learn a move (when you already have 4 moves if not you just learn it) it say's you already has 4 moves and ask's if you want to forget an old one (and replace it with this one) say yes or forget move (ect.) then it gives a list of the moves you already have (there should be 4) then you select which move you want to forget and you forget it and learn the new move. (you can't learn new moves over HM moves) you can go to the move deleter or o to the move tutor

What moves can Scyther learn?

go to and there is a pokedex on that site that will list all of the attacks it can learn and much more

What moves can hydriegon learn in Pokemon white?

I put a link to a list of moves that Hydriegon learns in White in the related links.

List all moves for Dragonite in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Go toémon) It has a list of all the moves Dragonite can learn in every generation.

What moves can cacturne learn by breeding?

You'll find a list at the bottom of the linked page.

What moves does chimchar learn at what levels?

Here are a list of moves Chimchar learns by leveling up:Scratch (Start)Leer (Start)Ember (Learned at Level 7)Taunt (Learned at Level 9)Fury Swipes (Learned at Level 15)Flame Wheel (Learned at Level 17)Nasty Plot (Learned at Level 23)Torment (Learned at Level 25)Facade (Learned at Level 31)Fire Spin (Learned at Level 33)Acrobat (Learned at Level 39; also a 5th generation move)Slack Off (Learned at Level 41)Flamethrower (Learned at Level 47)NOTE: These are the moves it will learn if you do not evolve it throughout the leveling process. If you evolve it before it will learn certain moves at different times.

Pokemon diamond where can you find the move sing?

you can't, because its not a TM but here is a list of all the Pokemon that can learn it by leveling up.

What moves do Mewtwo learn?

It can learn lots of moves since its almost like Mew. There are too many moves though to list here but here are a few that you may enjoy: Ice beam, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Solarbeam, Earthquake, Brick Break, Shadow Ball, Hyper Beam.

What moves does regigas learn?

For Pokemon moves and how to evolve Pokemon, go to or search psypoke on Google for better accuracy. Go to the Psydex on the list to the left of the screen, they have pretty much all the answers.

What moves does kirlia learn in emerald?

List of moves Kirlia learns growl, confusion, double team, teleport, calm mind, psychic, imprison, future sight, hypnosis, dream eater Ralts already learns some of the early moves

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