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cut trees, smash rocks, move rocks, surf, move across whirlpools, slide both up and down waterfalls, scale rocks, and fly to familiar towns

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Q: What HMS do the badges let you do in Pokemon heart gold?
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How do you use the badges in pokemon leafgreen?

The badges are just,there for you to be able to use HMS outside of battle and for high levels of Pokemon to listen to you depending on the badge...

You want all tms and HMS on Pokemon heart gold?

Nobody can answer that. If you want the answer, look up individual moves to get.

How maney tms are in Pokemon Gold?

there are 50 TMs in Pokemon gold, and 7 HMs

Where is HM08 on Pokemon Gold?

There are only 7 HMs.

How can you get all HMS and TMS at the begininng of Pokemon gold?


What do you get from badges?

Highe level Pokemon obey yu, use HMs outside battle, increases to your pokemons stats and entry o the elite four.

How do you use badges blue Pokemon?

You don't use them, you just collect them. Certain badges grant your Pokémon certain things such as more attack, defense, speed, etc. Also, if you get more badges, you will be able to use HMs (Hidden Machines such as Cut, Fly, etc.)

How do you make Pokemon forget HMS in Pokemon ruby?

u go to the move deleter at fallorbar need a heart scale.

How do you get to route 27 in Pokemon HeartGold?

Surf East from New Bark Town, then there you are. If you wish to progress to Route 26 then you will need Pokemon that know the Surf and Waterfall HMs and the gym badges that allow you to use them out of battle.

Is there a definite Get all TMs and HMS US AR code for Heart Gold and Soul Silver?

Not Yet

What does HMS stamped on gold mean?

HMS means hall Mark stamp meaning it is gold

When does unown learn a new move in Pokemon gold?

Unown only learns Hidden Power. There are no TMs or HMs it can learn.