What do you get from badges?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Highe level Pokemon obey yu, use HMs outside battle, increases to your pokemons stats and entry o the elite four.

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Q: What do you get from badges?
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Are Girl Scout Junior badges the same as Cadette badges?

No, the Cadette badges are different than Junior badges.

Change Habbo badges?

You can change your badges by going on 'my stuff' and clicking on Badges. You can only have 5 badges at one time.

Name Badges?

form_title= Name Badges form_header= ID your employees with name badges! Do the badges need to include a photo?*= () Yes () No Will the badges need to be laminated?*= () Yes () No How many badges will you need to print on a monthly basis?*= _ [50]

How many badges do you get in Poke'mon?

8 Badges.

How many badges are in sapphire?

same as ruby 8 gym badges and 6 contest badges

What is the maximum level of your Pokemon which is not obeying your orders when you have one badge and two badges and etc?

1 badge- lv 0 2 badges- lv 30 3 badges- lv 30 4 badges-lv 50 5 badges-lv 50 6 badges-lv 70 7 badges-lv 70 8 badges- lv 100

How many badges are in Pokemon Silver -?

there is 16 badges... 8 in kanto and 8 in johto

Boy Scout badges?

There are many Boy Scout merit badges. There are more than 100 badges. They range from swimming to rifle shooting to Citizenship badges.

Do badges get you money in roblox?

No. Even if you manage to get Roblox badges or game badges, no tickets or Robux will be awarded to you.

What level do Pokemon obey you with the gym badges?

2 badges - up to level 30 4 badges - up to level 50 6 badges - up to level 70 8 badges - any level will obey you

How do i get badges in zomg?

How do you use badges in a sentence?

These badges are very important to me.