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in total 16 badges

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Q: How many badges are in Pokemon Crystal?
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How many badges are there in Pokemon Crystal?

8........... like always

How many badges do you need to surf in Pokemon crystal?

there are 8 badges in Pokemon ruby like all the others. :) tehehe

How many Pokemon gym badges are there?

in every game except gold and silver and crystal there are 8 badges, gold silver and crystal have 16 cause you can fight the kanto and johto leaders.

What do you do when you get all the badges in Pokemon Crystal?

You go challenge the Elite Four.

Surf doesnt work on Pokemon crystal it says a badge is required. what badges are required for surf?

You need 4 badges.

What are you suppose to do after winning the 8 badges in Pokemon crystal?

Fight The Elite Four!

How many badges to bred in pokemon black?

You need 3 badges to breed Pokemon.

How many Pokémon Leagues are there in Pokémon Crystal?

AnswerThere are two Pokemon Leagues in Pokemon Crystal. These correspond to the two regions you explore. Kanto has the Indigo League while Johto has the Johto League. Once you have collected the first eight badges of Johto, you can challenge the first Pokemon League, and after you have collected the eight badges of Kanto, you can battle in the Indigo League.

How do you get into radio tower Pokemon Crystal?

To do it in johto just get the card thingy after you get 7 badges but in kanto you cant

Where do you ponyta in Pokemon Crystal?

at the grass in front of crystal cave. you can get to it, by beating the elite four and get all gym badges in johto and kanto hope that helped

How good are these Pokemon?

it depends on how many badges you have

How many badges are there in Pokemon black?