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To do it in johto just get the card thingy after you get 7 badges but in kanto you cant

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Q: How do you get into radio tower Pokemon Crystal?
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Why do you have no channels on radio in Pokemon Crystal?

You must obtain a radio card from the receptionist at the radio tower

Where is the expn card in Pokemon Crystal?

lavender town radio tower

How do you get the raidio Pokemon Crystal?

I can't remember, but i think you have to go to the Radio Tower in Goldenrod City

Where do you get radio on crystal version?

At the Radio Tower.

Pokemon Crystal what are the answers to the questions?

if ur talking about the radio tower i think it is yes,yes,no,yes,no

What will you do so you can go up in the radio tower in Pokemon crystal?

Nothing it,s just for show and tell.

What area is the goldenrod city radio tower in Pokemon crystal?

The black tall building with a shop door

Where do you get clear bell in Pokemon Crystal?

After you do the team rocket thing the guy gives it to you at the top of the radio tower.

How do you get the clear bell in Pokemon liquid crystal?

In Pokemon Liquid Crystal, you can obtain the Clear Bell by completing the Goldenrod Radio Tower mission that involves dealing with Team Rocket members. Once you have cleared the Radio Tower, you will receive the Clear Bell as a reward, which you can use to encounter Suicune in the Tin Tower.

Can you get into the second radio tower on Pokemon Crystal?

if your talking about the one in kanto you cant they wont let you becauseof secutiry.

Where do you get clear bell on Pokemon Crystal?

u get a clear bell when u save the radio tower in goldenrod city.

Where is the radio tower in Pokemon LeafGreen?

their is no radio tower