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u go to the move deleter at fallorbar need a heart scale.

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Q: How do you make Pokemon forget HMS in Pokemon ruby?
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Can you forget HMS on Pokemon pearl?


How do you forget HMS in soul silver?

in blackthorn city there is a house full of people that can teach moves to pokemon, make pokemon forget moves etc;

Where can you get rid of HMS from Pokemon on Pokemon ruby?

The move deleter, in Lilycove City.

Where are all the HMS in Pokemon ruby?

in bushes,with people, in caves, and hidden

What is the best Pokemon for ruby?

for your party, you'll need Pokemon that know most of the HMs as they are used often

Is there a Pokemon Soul Silver action replay code that deletes all hm's?

No but if you go to the move deleter in Blackthorn city he can make your Pokemon forget HMs

Where is the move deleters house in Pokemon ruby?

The Move Deleter in Pokemon Ruby will help Pokemon forget learned moves, including HMs which cannot be forgotten any other way. The Move Deleter lives in a house east of the Lilycove Department Store.

How do Pokemon forget HM moves in hart glod?

thats inpossible it can forget HMs only if you use a cheat

How do you make a Pokemon forget a move?

well u fly to canalave city and u go 2 or3 houses down and go inside and there will be a guy talk to him and he will forget your pokemon's moves for FREE! HMs included! hope i helped!

How do you get to route 113 and 112 in Pokemon Ruby?

you need some HMS such as dive strenght and rock smash

How do you get raquaza on Pokemon diamond because it knows fly and you cant send Pokemon that have HMS?

fly to lilycove on emerald and go into the move deleters house and ask him to make rayquaza forget fly

Are there any two Pokemon that can have all the HMS im Pokemon ruby or sapphire?

if i remember correctly (and i think i do!) mew can learn any TM or hm :)