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You will find Darkrai at Newmoon Island but you need a membership card and go to that one house that is locked.

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Q: Were do you find Darkrai on Pokemon Platinum?
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How do you find Darkrai on Pokemon Ruby?

Darkrai is a Pokemon from Generation IV, and Pokemon ruby is a game from Generation III , so you can only get darkrai in Pokemon Platinum, Diamond or Pearl

Where do you get creselia and Darkrai in Pokemon platinum?

you can find creselia on moonlight island but i dont know about darkrai.

How do you get a Darkrai in Pokemon pearl without action replay?

Glitch for it! On Google type in: Tweaking glitch for Pokemon Platinum. find out how to do it and then Type in: How to get darkrai using the tweaking glitch on platinum.

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Can you breed a Darkrai in Pokemon platinum?


Is there a Pokemon trainer with Darkrai in Pokemon platinum?


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How do get Darkrai in Pokemon Platinum?

action replay

Can you get Darkrai on Pokemon platinum?

Ok the answer is yes, but only throught the darkrai event

Pokemon Soul Silver how to find darkeiriy?

i think you mean darkrai you cant find him anywhere but you can trade him from Pokemon platinum pearl or diamond

Where can you find Darkrai in platinum?

You have to have an action replay to get to Darkrai.

Were is Darkrai in Pokemon Pearl?

You dont catch Darkrai in Pokemon Pearl. You can catch it in Pokemon Platinum at level 40.