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Q: Which is best dark type Pokemon in Pokemon platinum?
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Where can you catch ghost and dark type Pokemon platinum?


What type of pokemon can beat a ghost type pokemon in pokemon platinum?

You can use a good dark type pokemon like umbreon,hoondoom etc. I hope this help!! :-)

How do you get a dark Tyranitar in Pokemon platinum?

there are none only grond type ones.

Pokemon Platinum how to be beat a Froslass?

Use dark or fire type moves.

What is the dark weakness in Pokemon platinum?

Do you mean "what are Dark-types weak against?" Bug-type and Fighting-type moves will deal double damage to Dark-types.

With which Pokemon do you beat phantina on Pokemon platinum?

Most people use something that knows bite or a dark type move

What pokemOn type is best against ghost?

Ghost or dark pokemon

What is the best type attack in Pokemon platinum?

its either hyperbeam or heatwave

What is the best water type Pokemon on platinum?

Milotic. Enough said

What Pokemon does cryus have at the spear place?

You fight him in the Distortion World but only in Pokemon Platinum. His Pokemon are: Houndoom Lv45 Type Dark Fire, Gyarados Lv46 Type Water Flying, Weavile Lv48 Type Dark Ice, Crobat Lv46 Type Poison Flying, Honchkrow Lv47 Type Dark Flying.

What are the best flying grass dark and electrick type Pokemon on Pokemon platinum i want the best team to battle Pokemon league with none legendary i don't need water cause my starter is piplup?

ok. flying- staravia grass- roserade, or tropios dark/electrick- luxray it is dark and electrick i have beat the Pokemon league twice with luxray and you will need a ground i suggest rydhon

What Pokemon is dark?

any Pokemon that is a dark type any Pokemon that is a dark type